Terms and conditions (English)

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions and information references

  1. Application of these terms and conditions

1.1 Any binding order between you and the Online-Shop (https://www.aetmen.com) of AETMEN Fashion OG – in the following mentioned as „AETMEN“– are based on the current terms and conditions stated on (https://www.aetmen.com/pages/terms-and-conditions).

1.2 Our offer is addressed only to private consumers

1.3 Private consumers are understood as natural persons with whom we are entering in a contractual relationship which cannot be attributed to a commercial or self-employed activity.

1.4 The contractual relationship between AETMEN and the consumer and the respective terms and conditions apply to Austrian law without limiting your rights as a consumer under the laws of your country. The UN-Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of goods does not apply.

  1. Conclusion of contract

2.1 An offer via the AETMEN Online-Shop (http://www.aetmen.com) does not represent a binding offer, but is an unconditional invitation to order products with AETMEN. Your order (binding offer from your side) is made via clicking the "PAY NOW" button and an automatic online order form is sent out of the virtual shopping basket. After the receipt of your online order an immediate order confirmation via e-mail is sent to your e-mail address. The online order confirmation contains all details of the order. This order confirmation does not represent an acceptance of your online order.

A binding contract of sale only becomes effective when we send out an advice of dispatch or when we have already dispatched your ordered goods. Aetmen has the right to accept your online order within 10 business days after the receipt of the online order.

The contract of sales will be concluded in German language with the registered company:

Aetmen Fashion OG
Buchbergstraße 7/2
1140 Wien

2.2 Order correction reference

During the virtual order process you put your selected goods into the shopping cart. In the shopping cart you will be able to change the quantity or even delete selected goods. By pushing the „CHECKOUT“ button you will be guided to a site where you can insert your personal data. Thereafter you can push the „Continue to payment“ button where you can then choose your preferred payment method. Ultimately a summary site pops-up automatically where you will be able to check all your selections and indications. Here you are allowed to correct all your inputs (e.g. address data), by clicking the „Change“ button. If you want to abandon the whole order process, you can do it simply by closing the window. If you choose the „Pay now“ button or you finalize the payment process with PayPal or Klarna, you will become liable for the payment.

  1. Prices and shipping cost

All prices are indicated as final prices in Euro (EUR) and also include the statutory Value Added Tax (VAT). We do not grant discounts. Packaging costs will not be charged. Shipping costs are indicated with the respective online product presentation. Cross-border deliveries can cause additional taxes and/or charges for e.g. in the form of customs duties.  

  1. Terms of payment

4.1 The purchase price is due immediately after your order.

4.2 We offer the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • EPS
  • Sofort bei Klarna
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Shop Pay

Please note that we can only accept the payment methods mentioned above. If you use another payment method, we are not liable for your loss of cash or any other damage caused by this payment method.

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard)

Together with the order placement you provide us with your credit card data. After your legitimization as legal card holder, we immediately request from the credit card company that the payment transaction shall be started. The payment transaction is executed automatically and your credit card is debited.


During the order process you are forwarded to the website of PayPal. In order to be able to pay the invoice amount via PayPal, you must be registered and legitimized with PayPal and confirm the payment notice to our account. After placing the order in the webshop we request from PayPal to launch the payment transactions. The payment transaction is executed immediately and automatically.  

If you pay with Sofort bei Klarna you are forwarded to the website of Sofort GmbH. For using Sofort by Klarna you need an acitivated online banking account with PIN/TAN procedure. You have to legitimize yourself and confirm the payment notice to our account. The payment transaction is executed immediately and your account is debited immediately as well.

If you want to pay by usind EPS or Maestro the payment will be executed immediately after the order confirmation.

4.3 If there is a payment delay we are entitled to charge default interest which are stipulated in the Austrian law.  

  1. Terms of delivery

We deliver goods to terms agreed with you and exclusively into the European Economic Area (EEA) and to Switzerland. The goods ordered are delivered to your indicated order address by a shipping company of our choice. Delivery times and terms of delivery depend on our indications which you will find with the respective product presentations and shipping costs (see above under 3.). Partial deliveries (if you have ordered more than 1 piece) can be agreed on.

All indications in the webshop in respect of availability and delivery time of goods are subject to change (without guarantee). AETMEN is not liable for a shortage in inventories or unavailability of the goods.

  1. Reservation of self-supply

If the ordered goods are not or partially not available, AETMEN will reserve the right to reject the order or to deliver only partially available goods. In both cases we will inform you immediately that the ordered goods are not available and that you will be refunded for amounts already paid. This reservation clause is only valid in case that we are not responsible for the non-availability of the ordered goods and that our supplier has forsaken through no default of our own.  Any further lawful rights on your side are not affected.

  1. Inspection of goods, claims and defects

7.1 Before shipping we undertake outgoing goods controls. However, we recommend for your own interest to inspect the delivered goods after receipt. If you detect defects in quantity or quality, please contact us immediately in order to agree on the further procedure.

7.2 If you already detect a damage in respect of packaging or shipping please have this damage confirmed by the carrier and inform us immediately. We will agree with you on the further procedure. We recommend, to keep the damaged packaging materials as evidence.

7.3 Whether or not you comply with the regulations in figure (1) und (2), it will not have any effects on your warranty claims.

7.4 If there is a delivery defect in quality or quantity, you have first the right to claim for removal of the defect or second for a replacement delivery. If we do not succeed to cure the delivery defect within a reasonable time, your lawful rights are not affected.

  1. Retention of ownership

Until full payment of goods and shipment, Aetmen retains the unrestricted ownership of the goods.

  1. Warranty and liability

9.1 The statutory warranty regulations apply. The warranty period adds up to 24 months. If specific warranty regulations are granted by one of our producers, your statutory warranty rights are not affected.

9.2 The liability regulations of AETMEN Fashion OG comply with the statutory regulations.

9.4 Data communication via Internet cannot be guaranteed free from error and the availability cannot be guaranteed at any time. Therefore we are not liable for the permanent and uninterrupted availability of our online order system.

  1. Returns and withdrawals

You may withdraw from your order at any time within 14 days without any reasons. The withdrawal period commences after receipt of the goods (in case of split deliveries the withdrawal period commences with the first delivery).  To preserve the withdrawal period you have to send the goods within this time or to send us a return request.

The return of the goods or the return request shall be sent to the following address:

Aetmen Fashion OG
Buchbergstraße 7/2
1140 Wien
Telefax: +43 (0)664 / 928 2 479
E-Mail: info@aetmen.com

10.1 Consequences of withdrawal

In case of an effective withdrawal the payments and goods received by both parties are to be redeemed (payments) and returned (goods). In case you return the goods in a deteriorated condition which is caused by actions that exceed testing and trying of the goods, you shall provide us with appropriate compensation for the value. The consumer may avoid this liability to pay compensation if he does not use the goods as his own property and refrains from any actions that may reduce the value of the goods. Obligations to redeem payments shall be fulfilled within 30 days. The deadline commences for you with the date of return/request for return and for AETMEN with the receipt of the goods.

The consumer is responsible for the costs of return shipment.

  1. Seller withdrawal

11.1 AETMEN is entitled to withdraw from the contract (also from outstanding partial  deliveries) if the consumer has made wrong indications in respect of the creditworthiness or if it has become clear that there are reasonable doubts in respect of the creditworthiness of the consumer.

  1. Data protection and data storage

12.1 We want to inform you that we store and process your personal data only in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations and as far it is necessary for the handling of your order. The collected data will not be provided to third parties for advertising reasons.

By confirming your order and under consideration of these terms and condition as well as the mentioned data protection referrals, you agree to the collection, processing and using of your personal data (e.g. address).

12.2 The contract will be stored electronically. Using your print option of your browser you will be able to print out the contract. You also can store the contract by using the right mouse button which offers you the option to save the screen or website on your computer.

12.3 You have the right – free of charge – to request information on your personal data collected by Aetmen. As your personal data saved is incorrect, we will of course correct it after your notice. You are also entitled to withdraw your agreement to the storage of your personal data for the future time. In case of a respective notice we will erase your personal data subject to the fact that we will need this data for the fulfilment of obligations in connections with a contract agreed with you or subject to the fact that it is not allowed to erase this data by law. In this case your personal data will not be erased but blocked.

Please address your requests in connection with data protection laws and regulations to the address mentioned in the imprint.  

  1. Copyright

13.1 The content of our homepage and our websites is copyrighted. All rights remain with AETMEN.

13.2 Textual and visual content is only allowed to use after AETMEN´s explicit permission.

  1. Links to external websites and applications of third parties

14.1 AETMEN publishes links which are researched and composed carefully. AETMEN`s website contains links to other websites. The content of these external websites is neither administrated and appropriated by AETMAN nor influenced by AETMAN. These links only refer to other providers who are responsible for their own internet appearance.  AETMEN is neither liable for the correctness nor for the content which can be obtained from these websites. The link to the respective website has been examined for potential statutory violations. A permanent contentious check of these linked websites without having a concrete indication for a breach of law is neither possible nor reasonable. AETMEN is only liable for external contents, if AETMEN had a positive knowledge and it was technically possible and reasonable for AETMEN to avoid the use of this content.

14.2 Applications-

  1. Final provisions

If aforementioned clauses elapse partially or in full, the remaining contract will be effective. If clauses are ineffective or have not become part of the contract, the content of the contract has to comply with the law.