Size & Care


Shopping online and choosing the right size: it can sometimes be a mystery. 😉

The measurements of the garments are provided, but they are just an orientation guideline, because the main question is: how would you like to wear your garment? Slim, Relaxed, Oversized?

In general, the Italian way if sizing is on the slimmer side. We liked the slim-fit, but designed our items longer in body and sleeves. If you would like a relaxed fit, we suggest ordering one size larger. For a looser fit, size up once again.

If you`re stuck, we would love it if you get in contact with us. Email, call or write us a WhatsApp Message +43 664 928 2479. You will reach us directly, not a call center and not a machine 😉. We can find out the best size for you through reference brands.

How to care for your Ætmen products

In general, the same cleaning process can be used for all fabrics in the wool family (Wool, Merino, Cashmere, Shetland …).

First of all, there is no need to wash often. If you feel that your garment could use a bit of freshening up, hang it up outside. It is the same process as when the wool is still attached to the animal: the wool absorbs sweat and releases it into the air. It is astonishing, how fast odors go away.

Navy blue cashmere pullover hanging outside to refresh.

If it is really time for a wash (we suggest doing so 2-3 times the whole wearing season, depending on use), follow the washing instructions inside the pullover.

We suggest you handwash all the garments in our wool family: Felix, the Seamless in Merino/Cashmere, David the Crew in 97% recycled Cashmere and 3 % recycled Wool and Viktor, the Dolce Vita in 97% recycled Cashmere and 3 % Wool.

There are a lot of wool and cashmere laudry detergents available on the market, but it is also possible to use a basic hair shampoo.

Take a small amount of detergent, submerge your pullover in handwarm water, swirl it softly for about 1 minute and then let it soak for another 20 minutes. Carefully press out the water and rinse out the shampoo with fresh clear water. Carefully press out the water again. Place the pullover on a dry, clean towel, gently roll it up and carefully squeeze out the excess water. After that lay (don`t hang!) the pullover flat to dry. You can also lay it on a towel. Always wash the pullover inside out.

To sum it up:

1. wash infrequently

2. wash by hand

3. lay flat to dry