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Stefan has worked in the textile business for more than 20 years. As an admirer of textile craftsmanship, he has continuously observed the developments in the fashion industry and kept in touch with his partners and friends on the production side. During this time, the idea to create a new process of manufacturing became more and more apparent.

After stumbling across a study called "the environmental price of fast fashion", it became clear that the environmental aspect was the missing link. One thing led to another and Berni joined the team. Besides his experience in biological and environmental resource management, he also brought his content creation skills to the table.

Finally Michael, a corporate finance manager, joined the team to provide Aetmen with an economically feasible view. He takes care of financing, budgeting, tax and legal issues.

Together we asked ourselves the following questions to define the direction the company should take:

  • Is it possible to create products with the deserved respect to nature, using fabrics with low impact on the environment?
  • Is it possible to manufacture in traditional local European companies only? With the highest regard for the employees involved?
  • Is it possible to manufacture at highest quality and to offer them for a reasonable retail price?
  • And finally, could this be a company we can believe in and will we be satisfied with the outcome?

We explored and researched these questions and ideas for several months and today the first results are coming to fruition. We hope you can appreciate them as much as we do.

We believe that if the producer, the dealer and the buyer come together, products can be represented in a new “fashion” way. We live in a complex world, and we believe to be “conscious in fashion” is possible if you combine the dots, but we are also aware that this is an ongoing process.

We have a lot of stories to tell and ideas we want to realise WITH you.
So let’s go on this journey together!

Thank you!

Stefan, Berni & Michi