Blog 1: Introducing Andy

Blog 1: Introducing Andy

Andy is our brand new button down shirt in recycled! Oxford. Something really new on the market. We offer it in the colours blue and grey. Andy is produced near by Perugia, located in the province of Umbria, the so called “green heart “of Italy.

Making of: Small details make Andy unique. The shape of collar and cuff are inspired by old button down shirts. These are sewn without adhesive, making them very soft. There is a small button on the back collar. Centrally located on the back yoke base is a little string insert to hang the garment. On the front is a pocket in the measurements 12,5x 14cm, similar to old vintage shirts. On each side of the bottom seam is a triangle as a specific detail, allowing the shirt to look stylish when worn tucked out.

Buttons: Andy has pure mother of pearl buttons attached with a cross stitch. It is important to take special care when washing the garment, so as not to damage this natural material. We suggest you button up the shirt and turn it inside out before washing, so the buttons do not colide with the metal drum of the washing machine.

Folding during shipping: Usually shirts are folded with the use of a lot of clips or pins, plastic material in the collar and so on. We have reduced all that stuff to a minimum.

Fabric: 100% Recycled Cotton Oxford.

Recycled: means that the producer converts materials and leftovers that would otherwise go to waste into new yarn.

How to wear: You can wear Andy dressed down with jeans and sneakers, or dress him up with with a tie and blazer.


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